Puppy Tips

Puppy Tips

Standard Poodles Puppies require keeping yes there are regular chores to be done and efforts to be made If you are to discover the best in your puppy to keep it hale hearty and happy through a long life you must be prepared to provide intelligent care and attention. Here are some helpful basic tips to help you and your new puppy he will appreciate being looked after and your sure to have more fun too! 

It’s exciting to bring a new puppy into your life you probably can’t wait to show him to your family and friends and of course you want to play with him right away. But remember your puppy is suddenly in a environment that he does not know even though here at Frenchies we have socialized and got your new puppy use to new situations give him time to adjust to his new home teach children not to be rough with puppy act calm around puppy provide a soft comfy bed and blanket give puppy soft indestructible toys. Puppies require very little compared to the love and companionship we get from them.

You will soon see that the curious puppy will explore anything and everything he can reach and he does not know which things are puppy safe so puppy proof your house by doing a few important things keep electrical cords out of chewing reach keep household  and garden chemicals locked away keep garbage cans and bags secure check around vehicles before moving keep toxic items including chocolates and some plants away from puppy because they are harmful.

Remember to keep your pup away from other un vaccinated strange dogs or where other strange dogs frequent such as pet stores, dog parks and rest areas be carful on walks no telling what he can pick up just from sniffing the ground your puppy has a weak immunity until after his puppy boosters have been completed at 12 weeks of age.

At first It is important to feed your puppy the same kibble he was eating before you brought him home as he gets used to his environment you can gradually introduce the food you have picked out to avoid upsetting his tummy we recommend a good quality puppy development food. If you don’t feed your puppy from the table or your plate he will not learn to beg or counter surf.

Exercise is an important part of a puppies overall health but it should be appropriate for his age and energy level until your puppy develops good motor skills and balance his curiosity will ensure that he gets adequate exercise once your puppy is a few months old try walking him a few times a week or more at a level he can manage games such as fetch challenge puppies mentally. 

Grooming is a must for the Standard Poodle breed either done by a professional or your self I groom my adult Poodles every 4-6 weeks rather they need it or not seek a professional not a trainee in a large box store or if grooming your self in-between professional grooming's it is a great time for you and your puppy to bound. 

Now that you have a puppy you also have the responsibility to train your puppy to behave I do believe only a small part of behavior is inherited and the rest is taught or training by you teaching him to act appropriately in all situations will assure safe and enjoyable times for you your puppy and other people with whom he will meet. 

There are many philosophies on disciplining and training puppies and dogs learn about several before making you decision the preferred methods these days are reward and praise-based methods the goal should be to communicate with your pet about the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior so that you can get along at home and when socializing repetition and consistency are the keys to achieving this.

You should start house breaking right away with consistency and repetition you can do it start by committing to take your puppy outside as soon as he wakes up before and after every meal after a round of play and at least once during the night always take him to the same spot so he starts to associate (going potty) with his spot while inside if you see him looking distracted walking around in circles sniffing the ground or squatting get him-his about to go potty! pick him up take him to THE POTTY SPOT and tell him to (go potty) or (get busy) 

At Frenchies the pups are already used to going out the doggie door and prefer to potty outside they have a good start.

I am not trying to sell you any dog food or supplements just giving options I just want you to be as informed as possible so you can make the right choices for your new puppy to have a long and healthy life look over the information and decide for yourself this gives you a good place to start. 

We spend a lot of time loving and caring for our dogs and provide the best possible nutrition to ensure a long healthy life at our sides. Our dogs keep beautiful shiny coats, strong clean teeth, sharp vision and strong immune systems we use Purina Beneful with real beef or chicken dry kibble for our adults and puppies, you can find at most stores.  

One of the healthiest things you can do for your puppy is give him or her lots of love and attention poodles are extremely loyal by nature and are happy when they please you It is important to understand that puppies can get lonely if you do not spend time with them emotionally dogs and puppies benefit from being petted by humans as much as humans do from petting puppies.