Motive & Ethics

Additional Information About Us

 We are a small operation I know we will never become to big or to busy not to treat potential new puppy owners with consideration and kindness. We will be there for both good and bad days willing to answer as many questions as you ask and provide resources and information to the best of my knowledge. I represent myself and our poodles with honesty and integrity at our home and on my website the pictures you see are us and our poodles In our real way of life. 

You cant be a good breeder with out having Kennels for practical and safety purposes for separating males and females when in season to protect puppies from older Poos that play a little rough or when we leave for short periods of time kennels are a smart useful way for ethical breeders if used properly. We don't use the word Kennel very much here at Frenchies they are more of a comfy cozy sleeping area for the Gang heated for winter and cooled in summer a cute Western theme complete with a Saloon, Jail and a Brothel thanks to my husbands silly imagination

 We also have fenced in 2 acres of grassy area for play and safe exercise. Our poodles do NOT spend a lot of time in the kennel only when necessary. We have a large clean and adorable Grooming Salon/Nursery room in our home two steps from our Den where we spend most our time socializing the nursery is complete with tons of toys blankies two whelping boxes a tub for bathing and a grooming table all top of the line equipment! 

After the birth of the puppies in my Den and a week or so in my bedroom (I like to keep a close eye on our newborns) then the puppies are moved to the nursery to be even closer for me to supervise and socialize. We imprint (early neurological stimulation) each puppy to new people, sounds, smells, textures and lots of love our pups come to you happy healthy handled daily and well Socialized they have learned the doggie door and prefer to potty outside the pups have the choice of playing inside our home or supervised outside in the yard. 

We health test all our parents Penn-Hip and/or OFA Hip Prelim, CERF and VWD. We research our bloodlines with each breeding to make sure they are the best possible match to produce the healthiest puppies possible with correct conformation and fun personalities. We take great pride in our home and care of our poodles! so you know your puppy is born and raised indoors in a clean caring cozy and loving environment.